The Story Behind Rock Well Water Systems & Pumps

It all started back in 1978 when a man named Roger Gardner set up his first water well in North-central Washington… The company has grown to include 3-going-on-4 generations as they expand into new territories.

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Our History

Continuing what Roger started, Bret took over and kept the family legacy going. His children, like their father, have been involved in the business from a young age.  Kyrie and Kayden plan to carry on the family operation for generations to come.
Rock Well Water Systems & Pumps was first established as Gardner Drilling back in 1978. Roger Gardner began his career by drilling wells and installing well pumps throughout North Central Washington. More often than not, if you looked at Roger’s side you would have seen his young son tagging along and helping his dad. Bret remembers dragging pipes, grabbing tools, and learning the trade on the job. He was just six years old.
Father and son worked together drilling wells and working on pumps for the next 23 years. In 2001, Roger retired and Bret officially took over the family business. Rock Well Water Systems & Pumps has since expanded the services they offer and is now able to provide turnkey solutions to their customers. Being able to handle the entire pump installation process sets them apart in their industry.

  • Water Well Pumps
  • Pumps Installations in Lakes/Streams
  • Irrigation Pump Systems
  • Scuba diving to work on lake pumps
  • Septic systems repairs
  • Specialty electrical and plumbing systems
  • Water Treatment Filtration and Purification
  • Small excavations for pump installations
Continuing what Roger started, Bret took over and kept the family legacy going. His children, like their father, have been involved in the business from a young age.  Kyrie and Kayden plan to carry on the family operation for generations to come.

Office Executive

Barb Gardner

Bret would say Barb is his better half. Having joined the team after completing the homeschooling of her children, Barb helps out in the office organizing, filing, and even sometimes baking treats for the crew to enjoy. Barb’s favorite part of the job is helping things run smoothly and efficiently. Like Bret, she loves hockey and her favorite teams are the Wenatchee Wild and the New York Rangers. Barb has a passion for health and nutrition and is always helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Bret Gardner

Bret is the second generation owner of Rock Well Water Systems & Pumps and is a licensed specialty plumber and electrician in Washington State. He is also a proud member of the National Ground Water Association and serves on the board of directors for the Washington State Ground Water Association.

When not working, you can find him….working. He loves God, his family, his job, the community, and the customers he serves. He says that his favorite part of the job is being able to interact with customers, forging relationships, and helping them troubleshoot their water systems.

An avid hockey fan, his favorite sports team is the local Wenatchee Wild, and the NHL Minnesota Wild. Bret loves CJ5 Jeeps and all things water.

Field Tech

Kayden Gardner

Kayden grew up working in the family business with his dad. His favorite parts of the job are working on water well pumps and driving the excavator. He is always there and ready to help those around him who are in need. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, off-roading in his trucks, shooting, and welding for both professional and personal pursuits. On most nights you can find him in a garage working on trucks and jeeps with his buddies. Like the rest of is his family he is a huge hockey fan and shares the same love for the Chicago Blackhawks as his sister, Kyrie.

Office Manager

Kyrie Bergstrom

Kyrie has been a part of the business since she was new to this world, often tagging along with her father Bret and grandfather Roger. She feels honored to be a part of the family business and loves serving on the board of directors for the Washington State Groundwater Association. Kyrie’s favorite part of the job is advocating for groundwater sustainability and paving the way for other women and younger generations to be involved and make a difference. Kyrie is married to her best friend, Henry, and they are expecting the first of the fourth generation at Rock Well in late July of 2021. Like the rest of her family, Kyrie loves hockey and her favorite team is the NHL Chicago Blackhawks.

Our Field Technicians

Armando Rojas

Armando is one of our crew members at Rock Well and enjoys the daily interactions with his co-workers while they get to help customers obtain high-quality water. In his off-time Armando enjoys spending quality time with his family, sport shooting, and hiking. His favorite sports team is the Seattle Mariners.

CJ Conover

CJ is a crew member who enjoys being a part of a close-knit team while he learns and hones his skills each day. In his free time, you can find CJ drawing, painting, and spending time with his kids. His favorite sports team is the Seattle Seahawks.

Women’s History Month - NGWA

Kyrie Bergstrom

I have grown up in the groundwater industry my whole life and I am the third generation of our family company (with the fourth generation on the way due in August!). For as long as I can remember, my whole life and career has revolved around groundwater and this industry. Growing up, I was homeschooled which allowed me to really be a big part of learning the industry and how our family business functioned. Since then, I have never looked elsewhere — I fell in love with what we do and how we are able to provide an essential part of life for those in need.

Have a Water Problem that Needs Solving?

Step 1.
Call and we will talk through the situation with you and do our best to ask you the right questions and diagnose the problem over the phone. A lot of times there is a simple fix that can be done by you with our assistance. Sometimes it can be as simple as flipping a breaker switch.
Step 2.
If the problem cannot be solved over the phone then a service technician will come out to assess the situation and repair the problem. Our service trucks are well stored with the items necessary for fixing or resolving the most common field problems.

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